Whether or not you’re a morning person, coffee is likely one of the first experiences of your day. Coffee time may be quiet and meditative, taken while watching the mist roll over nearby hillsides, or could be in the controlled chaos of getting kids out the door, but it’s a part of your day that you can enjoy nonetheless.

At Wired Possum Coffee, we roast in incredibly small batches all the time. We don’t buy beans by the truckload, we search out high-quality coffees and roast to order. The best brews come from the freshest beans, and with our location in Hurricane, West Virginia, Wired Possum Coffee offers some of the freshest and most interesting around.

Coffee is everywhere these days. From fancy shops to truck stop vending machines, you can get a jolt of caffeine just about anywhere. Ours may not be the coffees you’ll drink every day, but we hope you’ll like them the best.

Meet the Roaster

Our roaster, Daniel Schumacher, discovered his love of coffee while working the graveyard shift in 2006. Going to his favorite coffee shop in the evening before work helped put him in the right mindset for getting his job done well. Over time he’s visited shops and roasteries around the country, appreciating the craftsmanship and attention to detail they each bring from the bean to the cup. Upon moving to Hurricane in early 2020, Daniel decided to take his passion to the next level by opening Wired Possum Coffee.