Costa Rica Heredia


Great everyday brew. Gorgeous flavors at every roast, from lemon and nuts on the lighter end to full-bodied chocolate in darker roasts.


• 7-ounce bag •

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Light roasts will have a distinct lemony acidity and caramel nuttiness that blends to a balanced cup with chocolate and nutty notes at medium roast. Dark roasts will give full-bodied flavor with low acidity and semi-sweet chocolate flavors.

Country, Region: Costa Rica, Heredia
Farm: Finca Rosa Linda
Of Note: SHB (high altitude)

please include roast and grind preferences in the order notes during checkout

grind options

  • whole bean will keep your beans fresher longer, but you’ll need a grinder
  • extra-fine or fine is best for espresso
  • medium is best for  automatic drip coffeemakers and pour over (such as Chemex and V60)
  • coarse is best for French press
  • extra-coarse is best for cold brew

roast options

  • light roasts have higher acidity, less body, and lower bitterness
  • medium roasts balance flavor, body, and acidity, and add a bit of sweetness
  • darker roasts have the lowest acidity, most bitterness, and boldest body
Weight 7 oz


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