Decaf Guatemala


Finally! A decaf option for those sleepy possums. This is a delightfully low-acid option that shines with chocolate and fruit notes in medium and dark roasts.

• 7.5-ounce bag •

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We’re excited to offer this new premium Guatemalan decaf. As opposed to most decaffeinated coffee beans, these have gone through the Mountain Water Process decaffeination process (instead of the Swiss Water Process). We’ll make a more detailed post on that process later, but it’s thought to result in a fresher-tasting bean.

Back to this coffee: You’ll find this Guatemalan to have a lower acidity and yield a chocolatey, malty cup of coffee. Lighter roasts tend to be sweeter, and medium and dark roasts have a creamy flavor with faint fruit notes.

We recommend medium to dark roasts on this one.

Country, Region: Guatemala
Of Note:
Mountain Water Processed

Weight 7.5 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in

Whole Bean, Fine (Espresso), Medium (Drip, Pour Over, K-Cup), Coarse (French Press, Cold Brew)


Light, Medium, Dark


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